Pincanna Lifestyle

Lifestyle photoshoot taking place in Detroit, Michigan.






November 1, 2023

Project Overview:

After being awarded the privilege to take on creative and marketing work with award-winning Michigan-based Farm, Lab, and Dispensary, "Pincanna", our first goal was to build out their portfolio of lifestyle imagery. Their previous photography had primarily been built up of grow  and finished-product visuals that showcased their dedication to the plant, but didn't come off as personable or relatable. As we put it, they were missing the "smile behind the flower". After storyboarding, sourcing models, and utilizing our in-house photographer and editor, we were able to turn around a project that established the personal touch to Pincanna both we and the client were looking for.


  1. Build out a solid repository of lifestyle photos highlighting the people who enjoy Pincanna products.
  2. Establish a consistent visual editing identity that we can carry forward in future campaigns to add cohesion to the brand.
  3. Create a base of content to post across social media channels.

Scope of Work:

From beginning to end, this was a full 360º Flash production:

  • Sourced product and merchandise to be used as props.
  • Sourced models and talent to participate in the shoot.
  • Storyboarded and conceptualized campaign's goals.
  • Established shot list with locations in Detroit that we wanted to utilize.
  • Edited and digitally "cleaned up" in-house.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to shoot this campaign and build out the necessary repository of lifestyle photos that were needed for the Pincanna brand. Ultimately we believe we accomplished our goal, and the client was beyond pleased with the results.

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