Pincanna East Lansing

Lifestyle photoshoot taking place within Pincanna's East Lansing location.






November 1, 2023

Project Overview:

Similar to our November 2023 Detroit lifestyle shoot for Pincanna, this project was "part two" of our building out of their lifestyle photo repository. Step one being to establish a community profile and pictures of the product in use, and step two, the in-store shoot, showcasing the customer experience - highlighting interactions with the bud tender along the way.


  1. Showcase the welcoming, clean, and polished atmosphere of the Pincanna store.
  2. Highlight the friendliness of the budtenders.
  3. Build out Pincanna's repository of lifestyle-related content for media and marketing use.

Scope of Work:

Similar to the aforementioned project, Flash handled the full beginning-to-end of this project:

  • Sourced product and merchandise to be used as props.
  • Sourced models and talent to participate in the shoot.
  • Storyboarded and conceptualized campaign's goals.
  • Established shot list with imagery we wanted to utilize.
  • Edited and digitally "cleaned up" in-house.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to shoot this campaign and build out the necessary repository of lifestyle photos that were needed for the Pincanna brand. Ultimately we believe we accomplished our goal, and the client was beyond pleased with the results.

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