Amnesia Lifestyle

Lifestyle photoshoot taking place in Detroit, Michigan.






March 1, 2024

Project Overview:

With this project, we were tasked with evolving the brand identity of Amensia. With the client wishing the SKUs, packaging, and logo maintain as already established we sought out the path of adding a visual identity to the brand as the natural next step. With a focus on clean, urban imagery coupled with our wonderful models, we were able to climate a striking visual campaign that provided a much needed foundation for expanding Amnesia's external branding.


  1. Cultivate a visual identity that evolves Amnesia's past branding, and gives us a foundation for future work.
  2. Establish a repository of lifestyle imagery to aid social media and other branding initiatives.

Scope of Work:

This was a fell 360º Flash Flippin' production:

  • Sourced product and merchandise to be used as props.
  • Sourced models and talent to participate in the shoot.
  • Storyboarded and conceptualized campaign's goals.
  • Established shot list and sourced the studio in Detroit that we shot in.
  • Edited and digitally "cleaned up" by our in-house photographer.

This project was a resounding success as we were able to truly cultivate the striking visual identity we were aiming for. Likewise the unique "look" of the photos has served to be synergistic, inspiring our content creation team for other campaigns with the Amnesia brand.

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