Aim Higher: Kevin Saunderson

2023 CLIO Cannabis Advertising Shortlist Winner






March 1, 2023

Project Overview:

When thinking of top dispensaries in the U.S.'s legalized states, it is hard to not have JARS come into the conversation. When we had the chance to pitch a commercial campaign to their Michigan team, we knew we wanted to aim for the stars, and that is exactly what we did. The "Aim Higher" campaign played off the jovial metaphor for cannabis, while showcasing two of Michigan's most proud products. The second commercial centered around Kevin Saunderson, platinum-selling record artist, widely considered to be the father of modern Detroit Techno. This campaign ultimately received national attention, being awarded a Shortlist Winner in the 2023 CLIO Cannabis Advertising Awards.


  1. Cultivate an engaging and inspiring campaign that showcases JARS and their products.
  2. Highlight local Michigan talent that transcends traditional cannabis user stereotypes.

Scope of Work:

This commercial was pitched by Flash Flippin in collaboration with JARS, we:

  • Sourced talent to appear in the commercial.
  • Storyboarded and developed shortlist for the commercial.
  • Constructed a production team that included members from JARS and Flash Flippin'.
  • Sourced location to shoot the commercial.
  • Handled all post-production editing and finalization of commercial.
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